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Typically, we think of a visit to our local vet as something that happens when our cat is ill, however it is important to remember that a semi-annual check-up is an essential part of maintaining their well being, longevity and overall health.

Not only do check-ups enable vets to catch critical issues at early stages they have even been proven to increase the years that your cat is at your side. Well worth the investment for most cat owners! During your visit, your veterinarian will assess the following:

Dental examinations
– To identify any common source of mild discomfort, to reduce the need for extractions in the future and to ensure cleaning is not required. Cat may eat regardless, but it doesn’t mean their mouths don’t hurt and it doesn’t mean their teeth won’t be a source of infection for more distant sites in their body.
Weight – To ensure your cat is within the healthy guidelines set for their breed and to provide recommendations for how to get them back on the path to good health, should they need it.
Skin & coat, general condition & lumps & bumps – To catch critical issues at early stages, rather than later in the game when treatment options are less cost effective.
Ears & eyes – To a cat, sight and hearing are very important. A check-up can ensure you’re doing your part to catch more serious issues at early stages.
Parasite control – For prevention of fleas and other pesky bugs that could be passed on to humans – even for indoor cats!!!
Heart – To check for signs of irregularities, which sometimes may not become evident at home until the issue becomes quite advanced.
Musculoskeletal exam – To ensure development is normal, and subtle signs of arthritis have not developed.
Major Organs – To ensure they are functioning as they should be – like kidneys, liver spleen etc.
Vaccinations – To prevent a number of harmful illnesses and give you peace of mind.

If you think it might be time to bring your cat in for a check-up but have further questions, call your local Pet Wellness Network Animal Hospital today. Our friendly staff will give you guidance and answer any queries that you might have.

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