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Now I know you’ve got a lot to think about already–holiday parties have come and gone and January sales are in full swing –but wait, after all of that it’s the NEW YEAR!!! A time for more celebration and some forward thinking about what you want your life to look like in the “ominous” 2014. We’ve come up with some resolutions so you don’t have to, so go on take a read and pick two or three of your favourites.

Happy New Year - Toronto Veterinarians

1.) Spend more time playing with your cat and sign him or her up for gym class! Many cats love a laser pointer or flashlight going up and down the wall or a crinkle ball thrown across the room. It will add entertainment and activity to your cat’s life and will help to keep him fit.

2.) Try out a veterinary diets. These diets have the knowledge of nutritional specialists behind them and research that is needed to ensure they are of excellent quality and have everything needed to meet your pet’s particular needs. Visit your local animal hospital to talk to a vet that has many years of education in animal nutrition and has all the knowledge needed to answer your questions.

3.) Visit the dog park at least once a week. Walks are good, even great, but what dog doesn’t want to bound around without a leash and play with his friends? Here is a list of dog parks in the Toronto Area from Toronto Dogs.

New Year's Toronto Veterinarians


4.) Plan a trip together! Be it camping or the cottage, this year plan a family trip that includes all members. Find out what accommodations in the Toronto area are Dog Friendly.

5.) Get fit together. Buy a hands-free leash and start jogging your way to a better you (both of you). There are lots of great parks and trails around Toronto to bring your Dog out for a JOG!
6.) Make sure your pet has had a check up within the 6 months and is up to date with all of their vaccines. Even indoor cats need check ups too! Cats and dogs can be really good at hiding the initial symptoms of most ailments. A visit to your vet can result the early detection of many diseases that can be easily treated or well managed if caught early.


7.) Build (or buy) the cat a scratching pole. This is something you can do with the kids on a Saturday afternoon. It creates quality time for everyone. And it saves your sofa! Or buy a cat scratching pole from our online store.

8.) Get your picture taken together. Hunt down a good professional pet and family photographer to capture some special moments.

9.) Bring your pet to more big family gatherings.

10.) Get your Pet microchipped! You were always meaning to do it; well there is no time like the present. Toronto’s vets and animal shelters are equipped with scanning equipment and can help you find your pet. Find out more here about Pet Microchip IDs.

If you have any resolutions of your own feel free to drop by and see us and tell us about them. We always look forward to hearing about life with you and your pet.


Happy New Year!

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