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Pirate Cat

Halloween can be a great time of the year for humans, but for pets it’s a chaotic day with a lot of new hazards and strange happenings that can be confusing or even scary. Here’s six ways to keep your pets safe and happy on All Hallows’ Eve.

Jack-o-lanterns and pets don’t mix

Keep your animals away from lit pumpkins. They may get too close and get singed by the candle or may knock the pumpkin over and create a fire hazard. Both situations can be avoided by keep Jack-o-lanterns outside on Halloween and the pets indoors.

Think twice about pet costumes

Pet costumes are for the amusement of the owners; not the pets. Many pets hate the experience, but some will find it tolerable. If you think your pet won’t mind wearing a silly costume try putting it on them earlier in the week and see if they object or if it shifts around too much for them to handle.

Mind the cords

If you have an elaborate yard display or a haunted house in your garage be very careful where the trailing electrical cords are placed. Pets love to chew on cords and you can prevent them from being zapped to make sure they placed somewhere where little teeth can’t get at them.

Keep your pets indoors on Halloween

A dog in the yard that barks at every person who comes nearby won’t grant an exception to Trick-or-treaters, so keep your dog inside for the night. Halloween is also a night of pranks and busy roads so don’t let your animals outside where they can be decorated and nabbed by pranksters or struck by a vehicle. This goes double for black cats who may be targeted because of the holiday.

Make it impossible for pets to escape

Opportunistic pets love to bolt for the door when it’s opened for visitors. and Halloween is a night of constant door openings. You won’t have to hold onto a pet’s collar while admiring children’s costumes at the door if you put your pets in a safe place, such as a closed bathroom or a roomy cage.

No candy for Fido

Don’t feed your pet Halloween candy. While most people know that chocolate is poisonous to dogs, what’s less known is that the artificial sweetener xylitol is also harmful to dogs. Xylitol is commonly found in sugar-free candies and is extremely toxic to dogs.

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