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Vaccinations Keep Pets Happy and Healthy

“A man walks into his doctor’s office to hear the results of his blood work. The doctor gives the man a solemn look and tells him he has advanced rabies. The man becomes frantic and grabs a pen from the doctor and begins to scribble things on a pad of paper.  The doctor says to relax there is no need for a last will and testament quite yet. The man replies, “Will? What will? I’m making a list of all the people I want to bite.”


Vaccinations are sort of a no brainer as far as I am concerned, but I also think pet insurance is a no brainer too.  Maybe that’s because I’m actually an MD and I wouldn’t think of giving my family’s two pets any less care than what I ensure each one of us gets.  Let me break it down to you this way. Humans, with all of our cognitive reasoning powers and opposable thumbs, are animals at the end of the day.  Did you know that the human genome shares 96% of its genetic code with chimpanzees? Well it does and so do WE. Crazy eh?

Does knowing that information empower you to skip on your next set of travel vaccinations? I mean, animals are, if anything, resilient but something tells me you aren’t going to leave your chances of getting yellow fever or hepatitis A up to your ape-like immune system.  You’ll get the shots, take the malaria pills and protect yourself against harmful infection and disease. Now why would you consider not doing the same for your family pet?

Whether your cat or dog is an inside or an outside pet, vaccinations are equally important.  Specifically at the 8, 12 and 16 week marks.  This will boost their young immune system preparing there bodies for all that they will encounter on walks or playing in the backyard.  Once in their adult life you should bring your pet in annually for their vaccination update and don’t forget to ask your vet about 3 year vaccines to protect your pet’s health into the future.  Call your nearest Willowdale Animal Hospital, Bloor Animal Hospital, Beaches Animal Hospital, or Downtown Animal Hospital and speak to your Vet today about vaccinations.

I promise you, you won’t be sorry… There’s just no apes, ands or buts about it (wink-wink)!

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