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A few weeks ago I got a call from my dentist’s office reminding me that it was time for the family’s yearly dental appointment. Already? I thought, man, time flies. I scheduled the appointment and luckily the girls don’t have a fear of the dentist. They are usually excited to go because they like the treats and toothbrushes our dentist gives at the end of their appointment.


While I was in the chair, I was making small talk with the hygienist and the doctor, well as much as I could, with their utensils and fingers in my mouth! (We all know what that’s like, they ask a question and then start fiddling around in your mouth and then you can’t answer.) Anyway, I was all excited to tell him about the dog we adopted from the Adopt-A-Pet program at Willowdale Animal Hospital and just before we were done my dentist asked about my dog’s oral hygiene, I sort of laughed, and said well, it’s like any dog’s I suppose.  And that’s when she said, “Dogs and cats need dental care too, you know?”


At first I thought she couldn’t be serious but the more I looked into the more I found out just how important a yearly cleaning of your pet’s teeth actually is –  And it’s just as important as ours is to us. They can get all sorts of nasty things happening in their mouth from gingivitis to advanced periodontitis to broken and rotted teeth and the pet owner might not even realize. Sometimes it can be hard to detect if your cat or dog has a dental issue or disease because it is in their survival instinct to try and mask any weakness.

After reading all the material and speaking to my vet about it I booked a dental cleaning and exam for Trot, as the newest member of our family I felt he deserved to be treated just like the rest of us. Trot was admitted the night before, that way they could monitor food and fluid intake and prep for the dental procedure. Once under general anesthesia Trot received a cleaning, an exam that included an x-ray and finally a dental polish. When I came to pick Trot up I could tell the healthcare team at Willowdale had taken good care of him, they gave me a detailed run-down of the state of Trot’s mouth and plenty of information for at-home care. Now when I get that yearly call from my dentist for my family’s check-up, I know that it’s time for Trot’s too.


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