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When most people go into a shelter, they are immediately drawn to those adorable little puppies. You know, the ones who will chew up your entire house, pee on every carpet, but still have just the cutest faces. Well, here’s a secret: when a dog looks up at you with those big eyes, they’re adorable no matter what age they are.

So, here are some reasons you should be adopting an adult dog instead:


You’ll Know Their Personality

Every dog has their own personality just like we do. The difference between a puppy and an adult though is that their personality isn’t a surprise with an adult dog. If they’re playful, you know it. If they’re relaxed, you know it. If they’re really smart, you’ll know it. You can get the dog that is perfect for you with no guessing games involved and be just as happy if not more.


They’ll be More Well Behaved

An adult dog has had a chance to grow up. They won’t run maniacally around your house, barking at every twitch of a leaf outside, or growl at the people walking across the TV screen. They’ll likely be a lot calmer and won’t disturb you with their pent up puppy energy that only seems cute for the first minute. If they do have any behavioral problems, you can learn that at the shelter ahead of time and be prepared for it.


Less Supervision

When a dog is a puppy, they need to be watched constantly, like a baby. They have a smaller bladder so you need to make sure to watch for the signal that they need to go outside. Puppy’s also frequently have more heightened separation anxiety that makes it difficult to leave them alone for any extended period of time. You can trust your adult dog to spend their time alone in the best way possible: not chewing up everything in your house.


You Can Take a Long Walk Right Off the Bat

While most puppies need to build up their stamina, your adult pup will already have the stamina to beat yours. No need to worry about them wearing out at the farthest point from your house or trying to sniff absolutely everything in sight. An older dog also learns much easier. If they are not already trained to run beside you off leash, it shouldn’t be too difficult to teach them. With an adult dog, you can take them out to exercise with you almost immediately and have some quality bonding time with your new best friend.


No Puppy Problems

Everyone knows that when you first get a puppy, they can be a real nuisance. You spend your time constantly worried that they’ll pee in the house or chew up your furniture. Well, most adult dogs have already been house trained and are well out of the chewing on everything in the house stage. Even if your new dog isn’t house trained, as an adult they pick up on things much faster and it shouldn’t be a challenge to perfect a system.

You won’t have to worry about those nippy sharp little puppy teeth that latch on your fingers without knowing their strength. Plus, older dogs only have to eat twice a day, whereas puppies need breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This means less money spent on food and fewer things you need to do to take care of your dog in a day. Not to mention you get to skip the socializing aspect of getting a puppy. Believe me, your adult dog is an expert at this point. Ashbridge’s Bay Animal Hospital offers vet services to pets of any age.


No Early Puppy Expenses

Let’s be real. Dogs cost money, but puppies cost more. You have to pay for new toys after they destroy theirs. You have to pay for those early visits to the vet to make sure your little pup is healthy. You have to pay for that extra food to compensate for all three meals of the day and that carpet you have to replace because your pup peed all over it. You have to replace all those pillows that have been torn to shreds and you have to go find yourself some more patience because that adorable dog has spent all of it. But with an adult dog, you don’t have to spend all that money. Really this should be enough to convince you but if it’s not …


You Can Be a Hero

Almost everyone goes for the energetic little puppy bouncing around the shelter when they go to adopt a dog. Almost everyone overlooks those well behaved and kid-friendly dogs that are just a desperate for love and a family. In choosing this mature and sociable dog, you are not just adopting a dog. You are saving them. You are giving you and them a new best friend and they will be forever grateful. Plus, owning a pet is known to reduce stress!

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