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It’s that time of year again, where everything from your lips to your dog’s paws can get chapped if you aren’t careful. A dog’s paws are tough but they can only take so much of the rock salt, liquid deicers and sand we humans put on our sidewalks and roadways. Here are some tips to keep your dog’s paws healthy despite the cold weather and salty walkways.


1) Leave a cloth by the door so when you come in you remember to wipe her paws. If the two of you were walking on particularly salty ground it is helpful to rinse the cloth in lukewarm water before wiping her paws. This easy step keeps her paws (and your floors) clean and ensures she won’t be licking at any of the chemicals that are in deicers.

2) While you are wiping your dog’s paws be sure to examine them thoroughly, check the pads to see if you can detect any sores or cracking. Also be sure to look in between toes just in case any salt might have gotten lodged in there.

3) In the case of any cracking or infection take your dog to your local animal hospital as soon as possible and have your vet check out their feet. Your vet will be able to asses the situation and recommend and appropriate treatment. It might also be the case that you have to take a couple days off from walking in the snow and salt.

4) In the end, I believe the best option is simply purchasing a pair of dog booties. They are good way to keep paws warm, dry and salt-free.

If you find your pet is having winter paw trouble, just give Bloor Animal hospital a call @ 416.767-5817. The friendly staff there can offer you advice or arrange for your pet to see a vet for further consultation.

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