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Recently the Bloor Animal Hospital had some very special guests visit. Through the local Brownies branch, a group of young ladies came to the clinic for a tour. The Brownies got to spend time with the animals, take a tour of the facilities and even participate in a very serious chocolate bar-removal surgery!

The tour was moving along splendidly—the host telling jokes, the girls asking great questions—when all of sudden Stuffy, our resident stuffed feline came to life, jumped up to the front desk bowl and stole a chocolate bar and ate it whole! It was pet emergency! Quickly jumping into action the Brownies didn’t waste anytime prepping for the surgery that needed to be done. Take a look at photos to see the girls in action.















Here the girls showed some great teamwork and helped each other change into their scrubs, just like the vets at Bloor Animal Hospital wear.















While this was happening another Brownie put Stuffy under general anaesthesia so she wouldn’t feel any pain during the surgery. The girls learned about IV fluids, keeping the pets warm under anesthetic and pain control.
































With Stuffy and the newly-minted surgeons prepped and ready to go, the girls set to work on removing the foreign bodies from Stuffy’s insides.















After successfully removing the foreign photos the Brownies team stitched Fatty up and helped her recover with lots of love and attention.














The Bloor Animal Hospital is here to serve you and the community. If you or a group you are involved with is interested in animal health or pet care we would be pleased to set- up a tour with you too.  Give us a call or drop-by for a visit. Hope to see you soon!

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