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Fall Fun in Toronto with Your Pet

The warm days and cool nights are here, with all the beautiful colors and smells of Fall.  It’s a wonderful time to get outside and enjoy some time with your dog.  Here are a few activities and tips for enjoying the Autumn season with Fido.

1. Take a fall hike

The Fall is a perfect time to get outdoors, with the cooler weather, beautiful colors, and drier days it’s a great time to get some exercise! Be sure to protect yourself and your dog from ticks and other parasites on your hike as they are still out.  Even though the weather is cooler, hydration is important.

2. Attend an outdoor Festival.

Many outdoor festivals are becoming pet friendly now.  It’s a great opportunity to share some fun with your dog, while also socializing them.  Make sure that the festival is indeed pet friendly, and keep your dog under your watch and on a leash.  Watch your dog closely for signs of stress and remove them if you see they are getting overwhelmed.

3.  Snuggle up at home

Everyone loves a good cuddle and it’s great on a cool night to curl up with your pup while reading or watching television.  Spend some time sharing love and bonding with your dog.

4.  Try an agility class.

Dogs love to play!  Try an agility training class if your dog has enough energy and stamina.  This will tire them out both physically and mentally and it’s a lot of fun!

5.  Relax in your backyard.

Fall is a great time to just be outside, enjoying a fire in your backyard, reading the newspaper and playing fetch.

Have a safe and wonderful Fall!

Caring for a Senior Pet

Senior pets often need specialized care.  Here are a few tips to care for your senior pet:

1-Keep up on their physical exams and vaccinations. 

As pets age, their immune systems need extra care and catching any health issues early will be less expensive and prevent future issues and complications for your pet.

2-Provide your pet with plenty of exercise and activities. 

Exercise helps keep your pet youthful and prevents weight gain plus it keeps them mentally engaged.  Exercising with your pet, whether it’s just a walk around the block, playing a game, or hiking, is a great way to bond with them.

3-Feed your pet a nutritious diet.

This may require supplements or changing their food.  Keeping your pet lean is very important.  Remember that even a few pounds on your pet can put a lot of stress on their body and joints.

4-Make sure to clean their teeth.

Oral health is so important as pets age.  If you’ve ever had a toothache, you know how awful it feels.  Keeping a pet’s mouth and teeth clean will help with their immunity and overall health.

5-Provide you pet with any assistance they need to get around.

As pets age, they can get stiffness and arthritis.  If they start to show signs of difficulty getting up and down stairs, jumping onto the couch, or even walking around outside, take steps to make them more comfortable to limit inflammation.

Share your tips for caring for a senior pet with us!


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