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It’s that time of year. The leaves have changed, there is a slight chill in the air and pumpkin spice lattes have returned to the menus of our favourite local coffee house. Last weekend we packed up our summer whites and linens in favour of cozy and warm woolies and knits. That’s right, autumn is in full swing in Bloor West Village!

It’s this time of year that many cat owners decide to discontinue their preventative flea treatments believing that the pesky little bugs have gone dormant for the season. It’s also this time of year that we see plenty of flea cases here at Bloor Animal Hospital. Now, if you have an indoor cat and are careful to keep it inside and away from other animals that could act as carriers, you might be safe. However, if you have an outdoor cat you should consider continuing your cats flea treatment until father winter comes roaring through the city. In fact, if you’re seeing fleas on your outdoor cat in the autumn, your kitty might be in for a long and itchy season.

So what can you do to prevent fleas in both your cat? The best thing is to continue your cat’s flea prevention program until we’re into the winter months. The great news is flea prevention has come a long way from the powder grandma used to sprinkle on her cat. Newer products that are very effective and save for you and your pets are available right here at Bloor Animal Hospital. There are a variety of flea prevention products that work in different ways. Some sterilize the flea’s eggs, so that they will not hatch, thus reducing the chance of an infestation, others kill all life stages (eggs, larva and adults). Speak to your vet to determine which is the best product for your furry friend.

What happens if you’ve already spotted a flea on your cat and believe that your home could be at risk? That is certainly a situation that you’d rather not be in! The best way to deal with this situation is to make sure that all the pets in your home are on a proper flea preventative medication that has been given to you by your veterinarian. There are some products that you can buy in the pet store, but these are ineffective and can even be harmful to your pet. Once your veterinarian has prescribed medication for all your pets, they should continue on it for 3 months minimum to best rid your pets of their infestation. As long as all your pets are on the proper medication, you do not need to worry about treating your home. Fleas cannot live without a host, and as long as you’ve made all your “hosts” off limits to the fleas – you should be good to go! Although, it is never a bad idea to give the home a good vacuum or toss your pet’s bed in the laundry when you give your pets their first treatment.

Flea situations are unpleasant at best and can be highly stressful in more severe cases. That’s why our friendly staff is always available to answer all your questions. Feel free to give us a call at 416-767-5817 or pop by our hospital in person and take control of your cat’s flea situation before it gets the best of you and your furry friend.

*This client information sheet is based on material written by: Ernest Ward, DVM © Copyright 2009 Lifelearn Inc. Used and/or modified with permission under license

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