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It was just one of those days, ya know. Work felt longer than it was, everything was more difficult than it should have been and the A/C in my car was on the fritz. By the time I got home I had no energy left and was grumpy to say the least. Frankie, my dog, could tell right away and instead of handing me his leash for a walk he licked my hand, as if to say, “I’m here for you.” I knew taking Frankie for walk would cheer me up. I could forget about all the other junk, let all the mental and emotional weight of the day slide off my shoulders but first I wanted to get out of my work clothes and into something more suitable for dog walking. I took one step and down I went. My heel must have slipped on a puddle of over-flow water sitting beside Frankie’s bowl.

I wasn’t hurt too badly, a twisted ankle, nothing some ice and some elevation wouldn’t take care of. Unfortunately that meant no walk for Frank or running around to take care of some errands that were on my ‘to do’ list. I was parked for the rest of the night. The thing was, there were some items that I really needed to get for Frankie, most importantly his food. We were running seriously low. That’s when I remembered my vet at Willowdale Animal Hospital told me they were starting an online store. “Could it be true?” “Could something today be finally going in my favour?” I reached across the coffee table for my laptop to find out. IT’S TRUE!

There it was, Willowdale’ web store with home delivery service. All I needed to do was take a couple of minutes to register and I went straight to shopping. I picked up some food for Frank and because he had been such a good companion some extra treats as well. Done and done. Even without the injured ankle I think this is something that I will keep up, so convenient and easy. I do my banking online, why not knock off some more of those ‘to dos’ from my list from the comfort of my couch! Now if only there was a way for the Internet to clean my house.

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