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At the Pet Wellness Network, dental disease is one of the most common diseases we see in our patients every day.  And it causes more than just bad breath – untreated dental disease leads to inflamed and bleeding gums, oral pain, tooth loss, and may even lead to spread of infection to other organs in the body, such as the kidneys, heart and liver.  Pet parents are becoming more aware of the importance of dental health, but did you know that Ferrets are susceptible to dental disease too?

The good news is, dental disease is treatable, and even reversible if addressed in the early stages.  Our very own Captain Hook (resident at one of our local Pet Wellness Network animal hospitals) recently underwent a dental scale and polish, to help ensure that he lives as long and healthy a life as possible. He’s having a smooth and comfortable recovery from his dental procedure.

Have more questions about your pet’s oral health? OR have you noticed lately that your furry friend’s breath is not so fresh? Call  your local Pet Wellness Network animal hospital to book an oral assessment for your pet. We promise it’ll be something worth smiling about!


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