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Boy, have we ever had some amazing weather lately! It’s been the type of sunny and warm (as opposed to wet and rainy) spring that has people out and about, enjoying Toronto’s beautiful green spaces. Whether it’s a shared courtyard with other tenants, a small, private backyard or rooftop patio, when it’s sunny in the city, outside is simply THE BEST place to be. And what better way is there to celebrate the warm weather than to party it up, patio-style?

Whether you’re hosting a casual BBQ or swanky garden party, your dog will always want to be a part of the action! So why not go the few extra steps and make your party, a dog-friendly event? Your dog will love you for it and your guests will have the opportunity to bring their four-legged friends too.

· Make sure the area where you are hosting is free from garbage or debris that could be harmful to dogs. This includes garbage bins that have lids on them at all times.

· The area should be enclosed, so you’ll have peace of mind that your dog isn’t running wild on the streets. Also let you’re friends know your party will be a dog friendly zone and that they should be mindful of properly closing gates and doors upon entering and exiting.

· If possible, have there be a separate area for your dog when it is time to eat, this will avoid your pup begging at the table or at your guests’ laps. If your dog is crate trained this is a great time to tuck him or her away into their “house.”

· When guests arrive be sure to greet them (as a host you should be doing this already!) and let them know your dog’s name and encourage them to get to know your pup! This way both your dog and guests become more comfortable with sharing their surroundings.

· Human food is for humans, end of story.

· To keep your dog from eating the food it shouldn’t, keep the food out of reach and tell guests feeding the dogs is strictly off limits.

· If your pup accidentally ingests something, call the your local Pet Wellness Network animal hospital for guidance as soon as possible. You may need to bring your dog into the clinic, so don’t wait to call. Time is often of the essence in these situations.

· Make sure there are plenty of water bowl with fresh, cool water in them place strategically around your party space. If it’s very hot out, you may want to considering tossing some ice in the water.

· Give your dog an extra something as a treat. Maybe a BBQ-flavoured bone or something similar—humans shouldn’t have all the fun.

· Allow guests to play with your puppy or if there are multiple dogs, allow them to run around and play together.

· If your pup knows some tricks show them off! Your dog will love the attention and the treats they get as a reward.

· Relax! The more BBQs you have with your dog easier it will be. Just plan in advance and you and your pet will have a great time.

Need more tips??? Call the friendly staff at your local Pet Wellness Network animal hospital and we’ll be happy to give you our two-scents on how to make your party a safe and happy one.

We have Veterinary Care Clinics across the city of Toronto, Ontario, so it is convenient for you to take care of your pet’s needs. Most are open late and Willowdale Animal Hospital is open 24-7.


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