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The Value in Grooming Your Furry Friend

As I make my morning jogs I inevitably cross paths with several dog owners out for their morning walk.  It is nice to see the familiar faces of owner and pet and then there is the variety in breeds, everything from chocolate labs to golden doodles. to squishy-faced pugs. Of course, collies are my favourite though. And no, I didn’t watch Lassie as a child but my choice may or may not have something to do with the fact that I just happen to own a three-year-old rough collie named, Dude.

I’m sure you are thinking that’s a funny name but he’s cool, he’s the man, he’s my Dude. He is also my best friend and what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t keep him looking and feeling his best.  When my nails get long I cut them. When my hair is messy and tangled I comb it out and when it gets too long I go in for a trim. The thing with mine and Dude’s relationship is that he is a little co-dependent, he can’t do those things for himself, which is why I have him regularly groomed.

You might think this is just an aesthetic thing but it’s not.  Nails that are too long hinder a dog’s running ability and hence their well-being. Not convinced? Imagine how you’d feel if your toenails were curling around and underneath your toes –

Not so good, I’d bet.  Your pet’s fur can also pose a problem. Hair that is too long compromises their sight and puts them on edge, possibly making them aggressive. I think we all know what a bad haircut feels like, now imagine that, plus having obscured vision. If that’s not a reason to be grumpy, I don’t know what is?

So, what’s the remedy you ask???  Well, if your pet is anything like Dude, getting groomed is not his favorite thing.  That’s why I suggest booking regular appointments with Kaye at Downtown Animal Hospital. She’s a professional grooming virtuoso and making regular appointments makes the whole process quick and easy. So try her out, she’ll take of good care of you, just be sure to tell her that Dude sent you.

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