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Helpful Hints For Training Your New Puppy

Living in a tight knit community has loads of benefits.  Block parties, chatting with your grocer, waving to those you know as you sip coffee on the patio of the neighbourhood coffee shop.  Above all a neighbourhood like this makes you comfortable and safe and your pet should feel the same way, as should those neighbours you encounter while walking your pet.

It is no more fun for you than it is for your dog when they lunge at people passing by and you have to yank them back, apologizing for their behaviour. The same goes for your neighbours, for some there is nothing more frightening than having an excited dog jumping on them or barking at them.

One easy and very neighbourly thing to do,  is to hold a “walking party.”  Think of it more like staged encounters between your pet and different people and less of a parade through your neighborhood.  With a little effort and some planning you, your puppy, and your friends will be gladly sharing the sidewalks.

Step One

Gather some friends, the more diverse the better, and have them stand staggered around a block of your choice.

Step Two

Put Scooby on a leash and walk him around the block.  As you encounter the ‘strangers’ let Scooby sniff about and learn that there is nothing to be worried about.  The more you do this the more accustomed he’ll become and the more enjoyable your walks will be. And don’t forget to reward for good behaviour! We all know that a special treat for your special friend can a long way when in the training process

Step Three

Having mastered greeting people, maybe you want to try adding other dogs in the mix.  Invite your fellow pet owners to bring their mates along and alternate walks around the block.

Step Four

Nothing says ‘thank you’ like some homemade pie  so host a BBQ to thank everyone who came out to help you.

Step Five

Feel free to throw Scoobs a treat for all his hard work! Remember, rewarding your pet for good behavior is a critical in the training process and …  Also makes for one happy pup!

Good luck and happy training!

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