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How Micro-Chips Gave Me Peace of Mind

Growing up Cooper was my best friend.  My Dad had brought him home for me when a family friend of ours had puppies they were looking to give away.  There was nothing particularly special about him, he was a golden lab like a lot of the dogs on our street.

There was nothing particularly special about him, he was a golden lab like a lot of the dogs on our street, but he was mine.  I was just a shy kid of nine who liked to play catch and climb trees.  Cooper wasn’t so good at the latter but he could fetch with best of them. I was particularly proud of his Frisbee snagging abilities.

One Saturday afternoon I was racing out of the house to catch-up with other kids from the neighbourhood.  We were going to the ‘big park ‘ (the one I wasn’t allowed to go without ‘bigger kid’ supervision.) I must have left the gate open in my haste and when I returned I could tell something was wrong. Cooper didn’t run to meet me like he usually did.  I called his name. Nothing. I looked upstairs in my room. Nothing. I looked in the backyard and again nothing. I did notice the gate wasn’t shut.  In an instant I knew that I had left it open.  I panicked, started bawling, pretty standard stuff for realizing you were responsible for losing your own dog. I put up the posters, rallied the neighbourhood in a search for him.  Weeks went by and I slowly came to the realization that I might never see Cooper again.

Forty years later, I eventually got over the loss. But now that I have two dogs and live in a busy neighbourhood I’m not willing to take the chance.  Both Rocky and Penny are ‘chipped’. It is a small electronic device that is inserted under the folds of the skin on the back of the neck.  Each device has its own identification number that is recorded in a national directory and can be scanned whenever, wherever. Maybe I’m not paying attention at the dog park, or maybe I have guests that are a little absent-minded, with the chip I know that my dogs can be easily found and identified.  Tattoos fade and I sometimes forget to keep their tags on, but with the chip it’s okay.

The microchip ID system works better than any other identification system out there and there are some licensing offices that waive annual license fees for your dog or cat if they are chipped.  I say hedge your bets, get the chip when you get your best friend spayed or neutered and you’ll never have to be the guilt-ridden kid who lost the family dog. The best thing about it is your Vet can do it pretty quickly and painlessly. I took our dogs to Beaches Animal Hospital and the staff there walked us through the process before I made the choice to chip. For me, it was a no brainer – after all what’s the price of peace of mind, right?

For more information about micro-chips call your Vet today!

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