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Words of wisdom from Dr. Jonathan Bloom.

Nutrition has an almost unimaginable impact on our health and this is true for your pets’ as well.  Standard pet food is healthy enough but if we want our pets to feel as good as we can and we should feed them as well as we feed ourselves. Now back in the day this meant whatever pet food was readily available either in the store or leftovers from dinner. But just like we now know better than to eat fast food everyday of the week, there have been incredible advancements in pet nutrition that it’s just down right silly for us to think our pets are at the best when we feed them pet junk food.

Did you know that the World Health Organization ranked proper attention to diet and nutrition as the number one reason that life expectancy has increased in humans? – IT’S THE SAME FOR PETS!

Nutrition is one of the ONLY variables in your pet’s life that you have complete control over. Willowdale Animal Hospital is staffed with nutritional experts that are around to help you make the best choices in pet food. They know the purpose of all the veterinary diets that are available and are certain to find one that is tailored to your pet. Extensively researched, veterinary diets have shown remarkable results in pet health when followed properly and consistently.  Much like your own nutrition, they help with disease prevention and health optimization, working against everything from heart disease to bladder stones to poor coat quality. Another great thing about veterinary diets is they adapt to your pet, instead of vice versa. Just like our needs change as we age so do animals’ and if your pet has special needs they can address those too. Ask your vet at Willowdale Animal Hospital for help with choosing what is right for your cat or dog.  Being happy and healthy is now something you can share with your pets and it is convenient as well, visit our website and order your pet’s food online and even have it delivered to your house or cottage, if you wish! Or simply swing by our hospital and we’ll be happy to help you with any questions that you might have about pet nutrition.


And that’s your Dr.’s Orders!

Dr. Jonathan Bloom

Willowdale Animal Hospital

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