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It’s FAMILY DAY! The sun is shining the birds are singing and not too chilly outside. To get in the spirit of this new Provincial holiday the team at the Pet Wellness Network has pulled together a list of fun activities that you and your pet can fill the day with: 2:30 pm – Start your day with a walk to the dog park, or consider visiting a new dog park. After all, time is on your side and what better time to explore than a day off? You can bet your bottom dollar that the parks will be full today, so who knows, maybe your dog won’t be the only one who will make some new friends. 3:30 pm – Stop by your local pet store on the way home from the park, this is the perfect time to pick up a special treat for your pup. After all, everyone deserves a biscuit or liver treat from time to time! 4:00 pm – Your cat may have spent most of the day sleeping in the sunshine, but now is a great time to pull out the brush and give her that groom you’ve been putting off. Remember to moisten some paper town and clean inside her ears too. 4:30 pm – After a good groom your kitty will deserve some play time. Fill a cat ball with her favourite treats and let ‘er roll! 5:00 pm – Now that your dog has finished his afternoon nap, take him outside and throw the ball around! The days are beginning to get longer and you’ll have a solid 40 mins of exercise, err, we mean “play time” before it gets dark. 5:45 pm – If you feed your pets twice a day now is a great time to get that second meal in. Don’t forget to freshen up your pets’ water before the evening. Your pets will appreciate a clean bowl of fresh water to get them through till morning. 6:00 pm – Make it Pet Movie Night!!! Cuddle up on the sofa with your favourite fluffy friends and flip on Netflix (or pop in a DVD, if you like to kick-it old school). We suggest one of these classics: – Turner and Hooch – Homeward Bound – Benji – Air Bud – Cats (The Musical) – The Truth about Cats and Dogs – The Adventures of Milo and Otis 8:30 pm – Tell your pet you love them! Though they can’t say it back, you know how they feel. <3   Wishing you and your pet a very Happy Family Day! The Veterinarians and support staff at the Pet Wellness Network.

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