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256 Sheppard Ave. West
Toronto, ON M2N 1N3
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We love cats (and dogs!) there’s no question about it. We also love to hear about people helping our feline friends make the most of their nine lives. The good folks at North Toronto Cat Rescue do just that. The entirely volunteer-run organization believes that every cat and kitten deserves the chance to live out their lives in a safe and caring environment. Year-round the volunteers get calls from cat-conscious people about feral and/or abandoned cats.  Once the cats are rescued NTCR gives them proper medical attention and cares for them until they can find a loving home to adopt them.

If you, or someone you know is looking for a cat, cat adoption from Willowdale, one of our partner hospitals, or from NTCR is a great way to help control the feral cat population and give a cat that has seen one too many cold and lonely nights a good life. True to his name Trooper, a recent NTCR rescue, has been through a lot and is looking for a nice home. When NTCR found Trooper he was badly burned. With proper food and shelter Trooper has healed nicely and white fur has grown over his burns as a beautiful contrast to his rich, black coat.







































If Trooper sounds like a cat you would love, call NTCR for more adoption information.


As a non-profit organization the NTCR is always looking for volunteers, donations and they even have a wish list posted, where you can purchase or donate items to help them continue the good work they are doing. If you’re a friend of Willowdale Animal Hospital you’ll appreciate the care and effort the people at North Toronto Cat Rescue put in to making the life of every cat they care for a happy and healthy one.



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