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Sniff, sniff. Yuck. What is that smell?! Here at the hospital it’s a story we hear all too often. Almost daily we see concerned pet owners distressed and embarrassed about their dog’s foul flatulence (or passing gas). Firstly, this is a common problem and typically not something you’d need to worry about too much. That said, we understand that for people who take their dogs in to work, or keep them at their side during a variety of social situations, doggy gas can be a real issue.

Most commonly flatulence is a result of your dog swallowing large amounts of air while gulping up food. It can also be brought on by eating highly fermentable foods like beans, cauliflower, onions, cabbage, and soy based products. Additionally, Flatulence can also be caused by malabsorption syndromes where excess gas comes from incomplete digestion of certain carbohydrates. It is also a predisposition of certain breeds like Pugs, Bulldogs and Boxers.

Still, as dog owners it’s always important to stay alert! Sudden and unusual occurrences of flatulence, often accompanied by change in behaviour, loss of appetite, diarrhea or change in stool consistency or colour, should be your red flag to get your pup to an Animal Hospital as soon as possible. In these situations time is often of the essence so don’t wait — To find a Pet Wellness Network hospital near you refer to our handy map.

As far as treatment goes, it’s important to first rule out any malabsorption syndrome — your vet will be able to confirm this through tests. Once malabsorption is ruled out, changing your dog’s food to a highly digestible, low-fiber diet, and NEVER feeding them people food is critical. Your local vet will be happy to recommend a veterinary diet, or store bought dog food brand that could help alleviate most of the problem. Also feeding your dog 2 small meals a day (one in the morning and one in the evening) instead of one large meal can often reduce the opportunity for them to gulp-up air. If these changes fail to stop the flatulence, and if you find it a real bother, your vet can work with you to explore other solutions. But remember if the issue is bothering you more than your dog, perhaps consider an air-freshening spray and ask yourself if further testing or treatment is really worth it?

However, if further treatment is desired, simethicone can be given to absorb intestinal gas. Simethicone is available over the counter for people as a liquid or tablets. See your vet to help determine your dogs dosage and treatment schedule. Additionally, charcoal-based treats and supplements that contain Yucca have also been know to help.

Have more questions? Don’t fret. Call your local Pet Wellness Network Animal Hospital today and speak to one of our trained staffers who will be happy to give you some advice and guidance.

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