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Despite the rainy weather of late, spring is finally here. (Yes, we know, FINALLY!) It’s the season for window-shopping, dog walking and puddle jumping—now if you could only remember where you put those rain boots last year! Every corner you turn something is ‘springing’ back to life, from grass to trees to budding blooms. While you and your pet stop to smell the flowers remember the season isn’t all roses.


This is also, of course, the time of year your pet is most susceptible to acquiring fleas and parasites.

As we have mentioned before fleas, heartworm and parasites are a threat anytime of the year but the risk becomes heightened in the warmer seasons. The increased risk is largely due to two factors. The warmer temperatures are a signal to the fleas that it is time to start hatching. On top of this your pet also enjoys the warmer weather and begins to spend more time outside.  So what can you do to prevent these nasty critters from irritating your cat or dog and infesting your home?

Start flea and parasite control as soon as possible. Trust me on this one, if you haven’t been keeping up with the maintenance all year, spring is your signal to start pest control. Remember it is much easier and much less expensive to prevent a parasite issue than it is to fix one. I give Bucky, my chocolate lab, Sentinel. I visit my vet at the Downtown Animal Hospital and get her to prescribe the pills. The tablets prevent heartworm and fleas and Bucky loves the beef flavour! My neighbour likes to use a topical treatment for her cat, which she also gets prescribed from her vet at the Downtown Animal Hospital. She says she likes Revolution brand because it prevents both fleas and other parasites. At the end of the warm, sunny day, the choice of prevention is up to you (just be sure that you do choose one!)

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