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We here at the Downtown Animal Hospital want to remind all of our friends and family, both immediate and extended, that while we all hope you have a great Halloween, to keep it a safe one.

Here are a few tips to keep your cats and dogs safe this October 31st (and beyond).

1. Candy – a no no in all forms. Chocolate is toxic to both cats and dogs as are candies containing the artificial sweetener xylitol.

2. Watch all cords from lights and decorations. If they chew on the cords they can suffer burns, cuts or receive an electrical shock

3. If you chose to dress your pet up, make sure it is safe. It should not constrict movement or hearing or affect their ability to breathe or express themselves. Also, make sure that the costume does not cause anxiety or stress or does not include small pieces that can be bitten/chewed off or ingested

4. When opening your door throughout the night, ensure that your cat or dog does not dart outside. With a great number of people outside, it might cause extra stress or confusion with your pet and thus could become confused and get lost or run away.

5. Proper identification is always a great idea, but none more important than on Halloween. If your pet DOES make it outside unattended, proper identification can make it easier for someone to find and return him/her home safely and sound.

If you remember these few tips, it can provide a safe and fun Halloween for your cat and/or dog. That way we can make next year’s celebration for National Cat Day and Halloween even bigger and better than ever!

Here at Downtown Toronto Animal Hospital we care about your pets!
Here at Downtown Toronto Animal Hospital we care about your pets!

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