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Valentine’s Day has come and gone and you’re probably still dizzy from all the romance. At the Pet Wellness Network we too are all about spreading the LOVE. That’s why we’ve put together this simple checklist designed to help you avoid post V-Day hazards and keep the true love of your life — your pet — safe and happy! 1 – Keep the chocolate out of reach – We all know that chocolate treats can be toxic to pets. So keep them in a high spot, or away in a cupboard or the fridge. Sometimes Valentine’s Day chocolates can be forgotten about and left out for long periods, making them a risk for pets in the weeks and even mouths ahead. Be sure you keep track of all your heart shaped boxes and ensure you promptly toss any that you don’t want in the trash. 2 – Know what flowers are on your table – Did you know some types of flowers are poisonous for pets? Keep an eye out for any type of Lily (including Easter and Calla varieties) as well as Oleander, Butter Cup, Daffodil and Periwinkle as some of the more common poisonous blooms. These are not only poisonous for pets, but can also be very harmful to humans if consumed. If possible try to only keep non-toxic flowers ONLY in the house and tell your hunny that since you are a pet lover the flora listed above is a big turn-off! 3 – Don’t forget about your waste bins – We can all be pretty darn diligent about getting harmful treats and flowers in the trash but we often forget about the trash itself. Be sure to do a post Valentine’s day waste bin clean-up of every room in your house. All sort’s of romantic items can get tossed in the trash and forgotten about until you get home and the trash has been ripped open by your inquisitive pet. Additionally, if you have a dog or cat who is known to get “into” the trash, be sure to get your waste into a pet-proof or municipally supplied garbage bin ASAP. 4 – Don’t be shy. Tell your Vet the truth – We’ve seen pets eat everything from g-strings, to condoms, to whole bags of chocolate candy kisses. In emergency situations, time is often of the essence and full disclosure is always the best policy. Remember we’re not here to judge you, but we are here to save your pet. So go through our handy checklist and ensure there are no violations at your house. Until next time, keep the romance alive and keep your pets safe too!

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