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256 Sheppard Ave. West
Toronto, ON M2N 1N3
(416) 222-5409

Pet breed: German Sheppard
Pet Owner: Monica & Philip Ofenberg
Pet Species: Cat

Iago was our beloved dog, who followed us on 3 continents. He was born on April 18 1993 in Romania, and after 2 years he took a plane to Israel, but decided after a while that the best thing for him is to live in Canada, so he landed here, with us tagging along. He was very intelligent, athletic, and he enjoyed spending his time with us, running in the parks, and guarding the house. He died with dignity on January 8 2007, after battling a kidney disease, the only time that he was sick through his long life, but he did not suffer at any time, due to the professionalism of Dr. Bloom, Dr. Neculoiu, Dr. Sandhu, and all the remaining staff from the Willowdale branch, who liked him very much. He rests now in peace, after so many years that brought us happiness and joy. We will never forget him.

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