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My pet parrot is a great addition to my home. He keeps me company and adds to the décor of whatever room he is in; sometimes I even think he looks better than me.  At the end of the day though, I’m glad he’s the one with feathers and not me, otherwise I’d be the one molting!

Parrots molt once every 12 months (sometimes twice) around the same time each year. The process can be long and not all that fun but with a little patience and knowledge the experience will go much smoother. Here are some quick tips, what I call the 4 P’s of molting, to help you (and your parrot) along.

1)   Patience – the larger the bird, the longer the molt. Birds only lose a few feathers one at a time so they can retain their ability to fly. Patience is a virtue.
2)   Preen – if you have more than one bird, not to worry, they will take care of each other. Your bird will do most of the preening on their own but they made need help in hard to reach areas. Call or visit Ashbridges Bay Animal Hospital to learn how to preen properly.
3)   Provide moisture – molting can dry out your parrot’s skin leaving it itchy and uncomfortable. Spray your parrot with warm water once a day to provide them with some much-needed moisture. This also helps to prevent the feather sheaths from drying out.
4)   Protein – did you know feathers are mostly made up of protein? Beefing up the protein in your parrots diet before and during molting can help with new growth.  At Ashbridge’s Bay Animal Hospital we discuss diet at every visit, to ensure your pet is on a proper plane of nutrition.

While molting is a completely normal process, your bird should never have bald patches or irritated skin. If this is noted, please call us to schedule an examination promptly.  Feather-picking is a common problem in birds, and the sooner it is addressed, the greater the chance we have at correcting this problem.

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