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Since today is supposed to be the hottest days in Toronto …  well …  EVER, we thought it the ideal time to share some tips for keeping your pet safe and happy on hot days.

· Keep pets in air conditioned environment as long as possible

· Its never appropriate to leave a dog in a locked car for any amount of time in this heat

· Keep walks to a minimum (say 5 minutes) and choose those times carefully to favour the coolest times of the day

· Be careful of hot surfaces ie. Some stone driveways to avoid burned feet

· Cottage goers can take advantage of the lake if their dogs are good swimmers or like the water

· Spray bottles are helpful – keep your dog “misted”

· Dogs with short faces (ie. Bulldogs, pugs etc) will be exceptionally vulnerable to heat stroke

· If you suspect heat stroke, wrap your pet in a cool (not ice cold) towel during transport to your veterinarian

· Fans can be helpful

· Be in touch with us if you suspect heat stroke. Time is of the essence!

· Lastly make sure there is lots of cold drinking water available at all times.

Enjoy the summer!

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