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Pet breed: Short Hair Domestic
Pet Owner: Vanessa Rottner
Pet Species: Cat
Treated at: Downtown Animal Hospital

Dearest Jenni (jenjen) often called “Boo Loo” her nick name tone and sound of that. At five and half months we became connected in August in 2001 at the Toronto Humane Society. It was instant bond felt by both 10 years ago, my little soul mate. Through our journey together our hearts were one. She continued to be the ever present teacher friend and constant companion showing me what it is to be to truly human. She enjoyed a quiet 10 years, often reveling her Diva character as only she could. Her love of ‘fish chicken, her keen olfactory senses count root out protein at 3 feet. Often reminding me ‘only the asparagus tips please” Passion, loving with that talkative nature of yours. Your expressions were countless with your sweet disposition with enough love for all. Yes, she could turn them to her full advantage with a little manipulation especially at dinner time. Eating her dinner walking over with her big white paws to see what was on my plate. She was the actress, half closing he beautiful eyes into a squint revealing her manipulative style “ I want your food, that’s my dish you know (even though it was mine) In her quiet moment she put her paws to pen and wrote 98 articles blog post on counseling humans, feline and canines alike with her witty sense of humour.
I hold you in my spirited heart little one, catch those butterflies in heaven. We will always be together here in my soul and there with you. Your friend and mum with love Vanessa

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