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Pet breed: Samoyeen / Wolf
Pet Owner: Joanne Munding
Pet Species: Dog

KING OF OUR HEARTS We bought King for our dad some years back after his German shepherd died and he became despondent because he missed her so much. My husband and I found out about a farm just on the outskirts of Toronto where they had Samoyed/wolf cross pups. My husband chose the most hyper pup that they had thinking it would keep dad on his toes. Well, he succeeded to say the very least. He had long black fur and a white flame on his chest. He was gorgeous and had many of the characteristics of a wolf, eyes and all. King came home and became a whirlwind of rambunctious energy that tore a license plate off of dad’s car, chewed tires off of his lawn mower, and shredded his work boots and multiple other objects when ever he felt that dad was going up North without him. King seemed to feel that dad had to be with him at all times and would reek havoc on us all if he was not with him. What my husband failed to realize is that King would one day have to come and live with us if dad ever passed on. When dad became sick with bladder cancer and also had a stroke, King was beside himself and moped about continually. It took some time but he eventually quieted down a bit and began to settle into our lives and accept us. King loved my two daughters and my husband to death and loved any and all attention that was lavished on him by them. When my son-in-law was first introduced to him, it seemed like love at first sight. King loved our cat as well and the feeling was mutual. The cat seemed to adopt him yet she hated all other dogs, including my Pit bull and my daughters Chihuahua. I guess it was the special brand of magic that King spun, because all animals who came into contact with him adored him. Tigger our cat died not long after King and I think it was because she missed him so much. King was known as the gentle giant and small children could crawl all over him at will and without any threat to themselves no matter how rough they could become. My neighbors wanted to kill us all. The summer that King died he was 13 yrs old. We were going back and forth to the cottage all the time with him and our Pitbull Brutus. Both dogs absolutely loved the cottage and as soon as the bags were pulled out each weekend, King set out the alarm and would bark continually no matter what we would do until he was in the van. It got to the point that we would have to take him out to the van before we could get ready or we would have migraines before we left. One particular weekend we were at the cottage and King came into my bedroom at 5:30 a.m. demanding that I get up, I figured that it was because of his bowels so I took him out even though I leaned against the car in front of the cottage because I was still half asleep. King began sniffing around as all dogs do but he seemed to be somewhat anxious and I attributed it to his age. I walked away from the car toward the cottage and I was about half way between the two when King suddenly turned toward me and began growling like he had lost his mind. I froze and my blood went cold because I had never seen him react like this. He began to walk toward me, growling and snapping at the air and suddenly lunged and knocked me to the ground. I thought he was about to rip my throat out but he leaped over me and hurtled at something in the darkness behind me barking and growling. I rolled over in time to see a large bleeding black bear fighting with King and I screamed for him to come to me. The bear must have been injured by another fight with an animal or gun shot and that is why it was showing aggression. The screams and barking had woken my husband up and he asked what happened when we came crashing into the cottage. King wouldn’t stop jumping on me and sniffing at me, I figured to see whether or not I was hurt. I explained the situation and told him the last I seen of the bear it was at full run heading in the opposite direction. We looked him over and luckily found no injuries. King and I seemed to become a lot closer after that day; after all he had saved my life. In September of last year, King was at the cottage with us another weekend, the weekend of September 11, and King seemed to be acting a bit more clingy than usual. If one of us were not in his site at all times, he would begin barking and not stop. I had been planning on taking him to the vet on the Monday, because he was loosing weight far too fast even though he was eating. He also began drinking water like it was going out of style so we headed back for Toronto early because I knew something just wasn’t right at that point. By the time we reached Toronto, King had begun to vomit bile even though he was drinking tons of water and couldn’t get it down fast enough. I took him outside when he began to whine because I thought he had to go to the bathroom. I screamed for my daughter to get my husband because King collapsed and I couldn’t get him back on his feet. We raced into to Willowdale Animal hospital where he was diagnosed with bloat and we were told the pain he was in would increase and that even surgery at his age would be a risk. We decided to allow the vets to help Kings pain stop and as the vet talked to him in a soothing tone, my daughter and son and I held him in our arms. Kings big brown eyes closed and his pain ended. The love that we had for him is still alive to this day. The clinic was extremely supportive to our family at a time that we felt that our lives were crashing down around us and we now take all of our animals there. Kings paw print and urn sit in my living room as a loving reminder of one of the greatest family members that we have ever had. I know he is happy now with our dad and probably chasing squirrels in Rainbow Bridge and looking down to watch us now and then. I also know that one day I will see him again and be able to hide my head in his deep black fur. THANKYOU KING FOR ALL YOUR LOVE, PROTECTION, AND COMPANIONSHIP

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