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256 Sheppard Ave. West
Toronto, ON M2N 1N3
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Pet breed: Jack Russel/Chiuahua
Pet Owner: Win Sakdinan
Pet Species: Dog

A Celebration of Kristal’s Life She loved unconditionally & wagged her tail at the door when we came home She dug in the garbage and made big messes…only to hide after in guilt She loved to run in Roywood Park, often beating her Dad in races She ate almost anything, especially little slices of chicken She loved to run in grandma’s backyard in the country She lived in Ottawa, Toronto & Geneva She would roam the kitchen sniffing for food She would sleep on her Dad curled in a ball She was timid and didn’t like other big dogs when they were around She wagged her tail when you said “Ooh yeah!” She was always kind to our boys and all children She never bit anyone – not even once She lived a long life of ~14 years She was so beautiful We thought she was the best dog in the world. God Bless You Kristal – We love you and miss you dearly

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