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Pet breed: Maine Coon / Abyssinian
Pet Owner: Angela Djordjevitch
Pet Species: Cat

Dear Karen, Julie and Victory, On June 10, Krystyna passied away in Winnipeg. As you know Krys had kidney disease since she was 7 years old. That is what finally killed her. I know than that she would never have live as long as Piaf did. Because of your care, Krystyna lived longer than I thought she would. She was a special Cat to me. I will always miss her. I am glad it happened in Winnipeg, because of my sister pets keep me on my toes. At home there is no more cats. Piaf is gone and now Krystyna. It has been very hard for me, I miss her so much. Thank you. When I returned to Toronto I will bring a picture of Piaf and Krystyna. Words still fail me, to do a justice to Krystyna’s memorial. Angela

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