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LASER is the abbreviation for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission Radiation. Interaction of laser light with tissue provides a fundamentally different approach to surgery. In laser surgery, a highly focused laser beam can efficiently ablate (either vaporize or chip away) the living tissue. At the same time, it seals (welds) capillaries, small blood vessels, lymphatics, and nerve endings, with significant benefits to both patients and surgeons.

Since the CO2 laser beam can be precisely controlled and the thermal damage can be of 0.1mm beyond the beam, veterinarians can operate precisely in every laser procedure.

Currently co2 laser has been widely used in veterinary surgery procedures. The common clinic applications of CO2 laser include declaws, tumor removal, spays and neuter, and amputations. The use of this specialized of surgical laser is standard for all of our surgeries at Willowdale, Downtown and Ashbridge’s Bay Animal Hospital.

CO2 Laser Surgery – benefits:
Less Pain – The laser seals nerve endings as it cuts, so the patient experiences less pain.

Less Bleeding – The laser seals small blood vessels during surgery and speeds
up surgery by minimizing bleeding. This also helps provide a clearer and drier
surgical field for the surgeon to work. For this reason laser surgery is of great
benefit for vascular surgeries.

Less Swelling – Since there is no physical contact except with that of the invisible laser beam tissue will not be crushed.

Sterilization – The laser sterilizes the surgical site as it cuts. Bacteria and viruses are vaporized by the laser during laser surgery.

Faster Recovery – Reduced risk of infection, less bleeding, less pain and less swelling often allow the patient a quicker recovery after the surgery.

Precision – The beam direction and power can be controlled precisely to remove thin layers of tissue and produce minimal side effects on the surrounding healthy tissue.

Reduced hospitalization time – All of the above factors can reduce the procedure time and the time your pet requires hospitalization afterwards.

Avian and exotic surgeries – Because the CO2 laser seals small vessels as it cuts, there is a decreased blood loss, which is of great benefit because many exotic species are quite small and therefore have a small blood volume making conventional surgery more difficult.

If you have more questions about how this amazing piece of technology can help your pet during an upcoming surgery, just give us a call at  and we’ll be happy to discuss the benefits with you in detail.

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