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Summer is finally here! Can you even believe it? Seems like we’ve just come out of the longest winter sleep in recent memory. I know I’m not the only one who, up until a couple of weeks ago, still had their jacket hanging around for those freakishly cold May mornings. Now it is time to enjoy ice cream, pools, long walks on the beach and of course, the most treasured of all (drum-roll please), summer long weekends! With a long weekend practically every month in the summer, it is the perfect time for all those mini-vacations or weekend getaways you’ve been waiting to take (and hey, it’s the summer time, leave work early on Friday afternoon to get a jump start on your rest and relaxation!)

Errr! Put on the brakes, before you haul out of town have you decided who is going to take care Pearl, your favourite pet in the whole wide world? You asked your neighbour but they are going out of town as well. You’re heading up north with your sister, so there goes that option. Relax and Breathe a sigh of relief ~ You have nothing to fear because your neighbourhood animal hospital has top-notch boarding facilities that are perfect for your pet! The Downtown Animal Hospital is more than happy to board pets while you get away from the city for the long weekend, or at any time at all.

Pearl will be right at home with the other animals there. Room service serving meals in bed, tons of personal attention, and lots of walks for dogs. We’ll also take care of any regular checkup and vaccination needs if requested. Does Pearl need a teeth cleaning, a new hair style, or perhaps a relaxing mani/pedi, let us know and we’ll take care of it. What more could you ask for? A private helicopter ride to fly you over the gridlock to and from the cottage, give us some time, we’re working on it!

Stay safe and enjoy your summer.

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