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In a follow-up to our last post, March Break Pet Travel Checklist we’ve pulled together a list of pointers for those of you planning on leaving your pet in the city while taking a break this March.

First and foremost we never recommend that anyone leave their pet at home for more than a few hours.  So if you don’t plan on boarding your pet at one of our Pet Wellness Network recommended, or in-house boarding facilities, we suggest you contact a reputable and highly recommended (preferably by someone you know) pet sitter.

Here’s a handy checklist of everything your pet sitter will need to know to make sure your pet is safe and comfortable while you’re away.

1 – Measure out the proper portion of pet food that your pet is to receive daily in separately marked zip lock bags — label these with the day and time that your pet should receive each portion. This will ensure that your pet sitter doesn’t over feed your pet while your away.  If your pet is an over eater, you may want to do this for treats too.

2 – Your time away can make for a traumatic experience for some pets. To alleviate some of the stress, ensure that your pet sitter sticks closely to the times of your regular walking and feeding routine.  It’s also helpful to leave a t-shirt that has your scent on it in your pet’s bed. This will comfort them while your away. Additionally, work with you pet sitter to ensure that all your pet’s favourite toys are out and around the floor for them. If your pet is prone to pushing his favourite ball under the sofa, make sure your sitter is ready to retrieve it for him.

3 – Leave your pet’s registration papers, insurance and any medication (with specific dosage and administration instructions) that they might be taking, in a easily accessible spot.

4 – Make out a list of important contact numbers while you’re away.  Also be sure to note the contact for your local Pet Wellness Network Animal Hospital and Emergency Animal Hospital.  It’s also great to print out a map of where your vet is located so that if an emergency occurs your sitter is already well equipped with the info they need to save precious time and get your pet the help they need — FAST!

5 – Remember to reward – Leave some extra special treats and even some new toys with your sitter. If your dog or cat is behaving well, have your sitter introduce a new treat or toy every few days. This will help your dog bond with the sitter and make the whole ordeal an easier one for everyone involved.

6 – Lastly don’t think it’s okay to leave your cat home alone. It’s not! Male cats are especially notorious for a flurry of health issues that can come on very quickly. In fact, we never recommend leaving a cat home for any longer than you might leave a dog. In other words, no more than 5-6 hours.

If you have any questions or need further info about recommend pet sitters or boarders in your area, call your local Pet Wellness Network Animal hospital today.



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