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March has rolled in with two-shakes-of-a-lamb’s-tail and spring seems just around the corner.  Since the last few months have been so wet, grey and gloomy, we know many of you will be gearing up to escape to sunnier to locales for March Break. Now, all of a sudden, you find yourself packing up the kids, making arrangements to wrap up work and double checking to make sure you tossed in that sunscreen before you zipped up your carry-on! With all the commotion that goes hand in hand with family travel, it can be easy to forget to take the proper steps to ensure that our pets are comfortable while we’re away. But worry not, friends! The Pet Wellness Network team has created a handy list of helpful items to remember when travelling with your pet:

  1. Ensure you have all your registration papers in order should you need to show them when crossing any borders. Keep copies of these in handy travel wallets in your glove box, or in a side pocket in your pet’s crate to ensure you don’t leave them behind.
  2. Check with your regular vet to get a list of recommended local veterinarians in your holiday destination. If emergency calls, you don’t want to be scrambling.
  3. If you plan on flying to get to your holiday, be sure to check with your airline’s weight and crate size restrictions before confirming your flight.
  4. It’s not a bad idea to call your vet to let them know you’re going on vacation and ensure your pet is up to date on all their shots and vaccinations. If you’re going away on a longer holiday, some vets might even advise that you come in for a pre-trip check up to give your pet the quick one over before you leave.
  5. Research into the hazards of the area that you plan to visit. It might be great that your pet is trained to roam leash-free here at home, but it might not be the best idea to allow them to do the same in alligator filled areas of South Florida, or in the Coyote inhabited wilderness of your favourite ski chalet.
  6. When travelling always use a leash! If you don’t know the area well it’s just not worth taking the risk. Alternately, look-up where the designated, fenced in, leash-free parks are located in your travel destination.
  7. DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK!  If you have questions about travelling with your pet, call your local Pet Wellness Network animal hospital and our friendly staff will be happy to help answer any of pet travel your questions.

SAVE TRAVELS! <3 Is your pet staying home this March Break? Check Back this weekend for more tips on how to make their stay while you’re away a more comfortable one!   Photo above: Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Dog Carrier Original Bag Deluxe® by Sherpa. The first to fly, defining pet (cat & dog) travel since 1990.

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