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March is Pet Nutrition Awareness Month. We wanted to bring some information to your attention regarding nutrition and the importance of Veterinary Diets.

Veterinary Medicine has a standard to which all clinics are measured and rated, the American Animal Hospital Association AAHA. There are over 900 standards to be met to gain this accreditation and the Downtown Animal Hospital is proudly one of the top 15% of clinics that have this accreditation.

As listed on their website ( they indicate that, “…as part of our dedication to practice success and quality pet care, AAHA has developed a set of accreditation standards that are widely used as benchmarks to measure excellence in veterinary medicine. Currently, more than 3,200 veterinary clinics hold the “AAHA-accredited” designation.

AAHA developed the accreditation program to raise the level of care being provided to companion animals, to increase loyalty among veterinary staff members, and to provide a way for animal hospitals to show their excellence to their communities and clients…”

A nutritional assessment is now deemed as one of the core vital statistics required when performing a physical examination by your Veterinarian. It ranks high along with pain assessment and temperature/pulse/respiration rate.

In order to not only meet these criteria but exceed them, the Downtown Animal Hospital has recently joined forces with Royal Canin/Medi-Cal to further enrich the knowledge and lives of pet owners and those working in the Veterinary field. Our main goal is education in regards to pet nutrition and overall pet health. While it might seem like an easy feat, nutrition is a very complex and vast subject.

According to the Royal Canin Veterinary diet webpage ( ”health nutrition is characterized by a precise balance between about 50 nutrients. The formulation of our foods is like a complex puzzle whose construction makes it possible to guarantee a consistent nutritional formula that meets the specific needs of cats and dogs.”

As technology advances, so does that of research and information. Food companies are better equipped to break down all stages of a pet’s growth/aging process and learn what exactly is necessary to not only enrich the pet’s life, but lengthen and strengthen it. It is because of these findings that animals can thrive through different life stages while meeting any or all therapeutic needs.

While, as good pet owners, we want to give our loved ones food that they will enjoy and will keep them interested, we also need to remember their needs and basic requirements. Not every veterinary diet will be suited to your particular pet, yet the knowledge of the benefits of these particular diets will give you the resources and knowledge you need to make the proper choices in regards to what those needs are.

One of the most important and main benefits of a Veterinary Diet over those from a grocery store or a pet store, even a high end pet store, is guaranteed results. Veterinary diets are formulated using a science that aims to identify the essential nutrients and the role they play. Once formulated and prepared, they are forced to undergo countless studies to record and analyze data and results before being approved for sale in Veterinary Clinics. In the end, you have the confidence that the food was prepared with only the highest grade ingredients, has had proven efficacy and is recommended by your pets Doctor to enrich and nourish him/her.

Another benefit to feeding a Veterinary Nutrition diet is the support that accompanies the food. If ever there is a question regarding the diet, concerns or even suggestions, your veterinary team has been given all avenues to answer your questions, quell your concerns and pass on your suggestions to those who make the food. There are Veterinary Support lines to call and speak with a certified Veterinary Pet Nutritionist. Tests are done on any questionable irregularities with a diet to ensure quality control and all measures are taken to achieve client satisfaction. All the while, all diets are 100% guaranteed that if a pet does not like the food, will not eat it or one of the many other reasons our pets might have to refuse to eat what we give them.

Whether it be Purina Veterinary Diets, Hills Prescription Diet or Royal-Canin/Medi-Cal Veterinary Care Nutrition diet, we encourage you to start the conversation with your Veterinary Health Care team. Knowledge is power, and the Downtown Animal Hospital is proud to be part of that conversation with you.

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