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Find a new pet and prepare your home

1-Do your research

Find a pet that will fit with your home.  If you have allergies to certain animals, it’s best to avoid trying to make it work.  If you have young children, be sure your future pet has the temperament to be in a home with kids.  Make sure you have the time, financial ability and the space to accommodate a new pet.  Especially if its a younger pet, you may need to be at home with it to help it adjust and train it.

2-Don’t rush

There are plenty of pets out there, so take your time finding one that will be a perfect fit for you and your family.  It’s important to find one that has the personality you’re looking for.

3-Test out the waters

Before committing to a new pet, future owners can usually spend time with the animal to get to know it and be sure its a right fit. This may even involve being able to bring it home for a few days.

4-Address Health Concerns

Your pet may need vaccination updates, spaying/neutering, or could have a parasite that may not show symptoms.  Discuss this with your breeder/adoption center and be sure to get them proper testing and veterinary care before taking them home.

5-Prepare your home

When ever you bring a new pet into your home, you will find that there are a lot of things they can get into.  Keep all toxic items secured and out of their reach.  Put trash in a container they can’t get to, mend any sections of a fence where they could escape to, and prepare an area for them.  At this time, buy your basic pet supplies you need, food, bowls, terrariums, flea/tick prevention, leashes, pet carriers, crate, litter box, etc.  Set these items up in your home so they are ready for your new pet when they arrive.

6-Transport your new pet home safely

While it may not cross your mind, pets can get injured in a car accident.  Use a proper pet carrier or a harness/pet seatbelt when you transport your new family member home.

7-Allow your pet adjustment time

Let them get familiar with their new home.  This may result in them sniffing around, hiding, or maybe even having an accident.  Reassure them that they are in a safe place and give them space if they appear to need it.

8-Spend time bonding with your pet

This world is all new to them, new home, new people, maybe even other new animals.  Spend some time bonding with your pet and show them this is their true home.  This may take some time and may require play time outside, training classes, taking walks or just quality time on the couch.

9-Train them and set boundaries

Some pets require more training than others.  Perhaps you just have to show them the litter box, or you need to teach them to not jump on the counters.  Maybe you want to teach them tricks.  Whatever it is, training is great for the pets and it helps you bond with them!  Make sure to set boundaries and stick to them.  If the dog isn’t allowed on the couch, don’t let other people allow him on the couch.

10-Have fun and enjoy life with your new family member!

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