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Dog fun in the Snow in Toronto ON

Despite the weather getting colder and colder, make some time to exercise with your dog. When it’s mild and calm outside (usually right after it snows), grab your jacket and your dog and get out of the house for some playtime!

Here are some great ways to get some exercise, for you and your Dog!
1. Hide-‘n’-seek. Dogs are just like kids: they love to play hide-‘n’-seek. Hide somewhere and call your dog’s name until he finds you. It’s a good practice for his obedience training, too.
2. Play in the snow. Your dog will find it hilarious to see you lie down and make a snow angel next to him. He will probably want to help you, so watch out for his wet kisses and cold nose!
3. Run. Race to the park with your dog. Dogs love a challenge! They love to get their muscles moving, and they are surely in need of some exercise after being in the house all day.
4. Under the snow. If you have durable, water-repellent gloves, then grab a stick and shove it under the snow. Start moving the stick right under the surface of the snow level so that your dog can see the movement. He’ll have great fun trying to catch the mysterious, hidden object!
5. Socialize. Arrange a play date with a friend who also has a dog. Dogs are social beings who like to spend time with fellow furry friends. Let them chase each other and play games while you catch up with your friend!
6. Chasing snowballs— Have a snowball fight! Most dogs love fetch and will delight in chasing either you or the snowball. Form snowballs from soft snow (don’t pack them hard and make sure there are no rocks or twigs), then gently toss them at the dog. Try tossing tighter packed snowballs in the air for the dog to jump at and try to catch. It’s quick, easy and a good workout for both of you!
7. Winter hiking or snowshoeing— If you love being outside in the snow, there’s no reason why your pup can’t come with you. Dogs love new spaces and smells, so take them along the next time you go for a hike or go snowshoeing. Just make sure you bring plenty of water for both of you as you’ll probably work up a sweat.
8. Shovel the driveway— It has to be done, so why not make a game out of it? Your dog might even want to run and chase after the flying snow. Remember, if your driveway is not fenced in, make sure to put your dog on a leash so that he doesn’t get overexcited and run down the street.
9. Create a maze in the snow— When you are finished with the driveway, shovel paths in the snow to create mazes and run through them with your dog. Your dog will love running through the paths!
These simple games do not require any tools that you have to purchase. However, you should always make sure that your dog is warm enough during your playtime, especially if he has short hair. Also, check the roads beforehand to determine whether walking on them is safe for your dog (salt or ice can be dangerous). Have fun!

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