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Boating with your Dog, Toronto OntarioBoating with your Dog, Toronto Ontario

Boating with your Dog, Toronto Ontario Veterinarians Safety Advice

According to, people who cruise with pets prefer dogs by 62%. That is a lot of canine companions sailing the open water.
Before setting sail, the loving Pet Owner should consider the following to ensure their watery trip is safe and secure for their canine companion.

  • Provide shade and plenty of fresh drinking water on board for your pet.
  • Dogs can get sunburned, especially short haired dogs and ones with pink skin and white hair. Apply sun block to ears and nose.
  • Invest in a PFD, pet floatation, device equipped with colored reflectors and a lifting handle. The PFD should be a properly fitted jacket which will support the dog horizontally with its head slightly above the water line when immersed in the ocean/lake. The colored reflectors are for easy spotting in the water and the pet owner will appreciate the lifting handle when trying to pull the dog from the water.
  • Consider purchasing a water collar which will sound an alarm when wet. This will alert the owner if the canine were to intentionally enter the water undetected or inadvertently fall overboard. Do not attempt to pull the dog from the water by its collar.

There are debates ongoing as to the necessity of tethering your pet on a boat. While some boat owners vehemently discourage the practice, for safety reasons. There are just as many boat owners passionately defending the use of tethering on a boat, also for safety reasons. The boat owner should consider their canine companion, weather conditions, location and other external influences when deciding whether to tether.

We know our canine companions better than anyone else, but it is important to remember most of us are not medical professionals. If you are uncertain on how to treat your dog’s medical needs or you have any questions, you should contact your veterinarian immediately.


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