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The True Story of Simon. Simon has been a resident of Bloor Animal Hospital since January 2010. Even though Simon was always going to remain an indoor cat the first thing we did was sign him up for pet insurance with Trupanion.  The cost for his policy works out to $1.37/day and we chose to not have a deductible. In September of 2010 Simon required knee surgery to repair a loose kneecap. The surgery was done at the Veterinary Emergency Clinic and the cost totaled $3700. Trupanion covered $3330.00 or 90% of the total cost. As some of you are aware, Simon has recently had some ear issues. This required him to need a biopsy of his ear, pain medication, and medication to treat his ears. The total cost for this came to $990.14. Trupanion paid $873.65 for this condition. His condition will require ongoing medication, 90% of the cost for this medication will be covered.In total since enrolling him with Trupanion we have spent $987.84 in premiums.  Since then they have reimbursed us $4203.65. Medical emergencies can happen to all pets, including your indoor cat. These emergencies are very stressful for the entire family. Not having to worry about the cost for treatment really helps to relieve the stress and makes it much easier to make the right treatment plan for your pet. Ask our staff about pet insurance today (416) 767-5817, because you never know what will happen tomorrow.

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