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Spring is just around the corner. You can feel it—you are already imaging the shade of trees, the warm sun and vibrant gardens and although the saying goes, ‘April showers bring May flowers’ everyone likes to freshen up their home with the scent of fresh tulips and daffodils right about now.  Some of you might be partial to lilies, especially if you celebrate Easter.

Lilies are beautiful, long, sweetly scented flowers that come in a variety of colours and types. But wait just a second, the question you need to ask yourself before you figure out what colour and how may lilies you would like this spring, is do I have a cat? If the answer is yes, you can forget about what lily will go best with the freshly painted accrue walls in the living room.

To put it plainly, lilies are toxic to cats. Ingesting any part of the lily can cause kidney failure and even be fatal to your feline. To remain on the safe side, no cat owner should keep any variety of lily in their home. If you have the flower in your home your best course of action at this point is to get rid of it immediately. If you are unsure as to whether your cat may have taken a nibble already there are symptoms you can look for. The first is vomiting, this usually occurs within an hour of ingestion. Next is depression, if you notice your cat not being him or herself around the house, alarm bells should be going off. (MEOW, MEOW, MEOW!!!) After the change in behaviour comes kidney failure. Signs of kidney failure include, frequent urination, dehydration, and little to no appetite. After kidney failure has set in the chances of saving your cat greatly diminish.

If you notice ANY of these symptoms in your cat you should take them to your nearest animal hospital as soon as you can. The vets at Bloor Animal Hospital will treat your pet immediately, but the sooner you get your animal in, the better their chances of survival are.

Lilies are gorgeous but remember, if you have a cat you are also putting your family pet in unnecessary and easily avoidable danger. So take preventive measures and stick with tulips!

This way you can ensure every one of your family members remains safe and happy into the spring!

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