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Every year my family goes up to our cottage in northern Ontario, (so north it’s almost in Manitoba.). A very long drive from our house in Bloor West Village. We stay up there from anywhere between three to six weeks. It’s our home away from home and as such a stay there wouldn’t be complete without the entire family, so of course Tipples, our CAT and Bentley our Pug make the trip as well. At first we were a bit hesitant about how they would travel but then we asked our vet at the Bloor Animal Hospital how to make sure both of them would have a comfortable and safe trip. We got some terrific tips and wouldn’t think of leaving them at home now.
1. Train to Travel
Train your pet to be a good traveller. Start with short trips and gradually make them longer. Make your trips between meals, that way the meal serves as a reward for the trip and make sure you don’t have any “accidents” in the car.

2. On the Road
There are a couple of key things to keep in mind when on the road. The first is to have your pet travel in the main compartment with you, not in the back of a pick-up or trailer, second, control the temperature, the more comfortable your pet is the better. Take frequent rest breaks to let your dog stretch their legs and do their business and invest in a doggie seat-belt to keep your pup from getting hurt in a collision or sudden stop. Ask your vet at the Bloor Animal Hospital where you can purchase one.

3. Car Sickness
Signs of carsickness include restlessness, salivation and vomiting. If your pet suffers from severe carsickness visit the Bloor Animal Hospital and a vet can prescribe your pet some medication.

4. Big No, No
Do not leave your pet in the car unattended at ANY TIME while you are travelling. The car turns into a sauna quickly and the results could be disastrous.

For more information travelling with your pet see your vet or visit this pet travel website that gives listing of pet-friendly accommodations,

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