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We’re all aging. But thankfully, medical science has given us lots of options on living longer, healthier lives. This is true for our pets, too.

Dogs and cats undergo many of the same kinds of changes that come with aging as humans do, becoming more susceptible to diseases of the heart, liver or kidney, and they can develop diabetes and cancer, too. They can also become deaf, blind, or have bladder control issues as they age.

Where once there was not much we could do to help our pets through these conditions and diseases, medical science and veterinarians can offer many more options to help our pets live out their senior years comfortably.

Early diagnosis, and specially formulated food products and medicines for a wide variety of conditions and diseases can contribute to helping pets age well.

Since pets age through their lifespan much faster than humans, it’s wise for pets to be seen at least once a year by a veterinarian while they’re young, and twice a year after they reach the age of seven which is considered the start of senior years. Early detection of many medical conditions and diseases can contribute to a better success rate of recovery or at least management of the condition.

You are the best observer of how your pet is doing, so whenever something changes in your pet’s behaviour, never hesitate to consult your vet. It’s especially important to watch for any changes in water or food consumption, or bowel movements. Preventative care is less expensive and less taxing on your pet than having to deal with a full-blown illness down the road.

There are lots of ways to enjoy our pet’s companionship for many years but we do need to keep our pet’s aging into account. For example, we might need to alter our play activity with our pets so that we lessen jumping or running if our pet has arthritis, take them for more frequent but shorter walks, and keep time outdoors shorter in the cold weather. Regular hygiene care, like brushing coats, clipping nails and brushing teeth, can all make your pet more comfortable, too.

With a little extra attention and care, we can look forward to enjoying a long and wonderful life with our pets.

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