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We all have one of those friends, you know the one I am talking about. The friend that tells you they just recently found out they have a mild form of some strange tropical virus, that you’ve never even heard of. And you think, whaaaaaaaat? And ask, “ When did you find that out?” Any they respond, “Oh, I was reading about it on the Internet.” To which you reply,  “Oh, I see. I thought last month, you were complaining that you were dealing with some type of thyroidism?”





And so it goes. The Internet is a wealth of information, on anything and everything, created for everyone, by everyone. The downside to this collective stew of knowledge is that not everything we read is true. While self-diagnosing is easy, and perhaps even fun, the Internet clinic is just not the same as an actual doctor’s diagnosis.

The same goes for veterinary care. You might think your friend is off base with all his self-diagnosing, but you would be no better if you were to look up pet health care on the web. Many pet health care and veterinary sites are great, but only to a point. Maybe you want to read about how to make homemade booties for your puppy, or maybe you want some background information on leptospirosis or hospital accreditation, all of which is fine and absolutely encouraged.  But if you are concerned about your pet’s health or have a medical question that you suspect might be serious, be prudent, head to your animal hospital ask your vet.  After all, if it was serious enough to search online, then it wouldn’t hurt to have a trained professional examine it too, right? That’s what vets are there for, and they are happy to answer your questions. Even if it is only to double-check the information you found on your own, in the end you’ll be happy to have the confirmation.

If you suspect a more serious medical issue or have a pet emergency, it is important that you get to an emergency clinic as soon as possible.  In many of these cases time is of the essence and every second counts. Don’t waste it searching out your own answers – after all, if you thought you were having a heart attack would you google it or get to a hospital???

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