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The dog sleeps at the foot of your bed, the cat roams wherever she likes but usually ends up sleeping on top of the dryer. Now what about the snake, or iguana or salamander you are thinking of getting (or have already purchased as a birthday gift for your son or daughter!) What kind of home do they need? You obviously aren’t going to let them roam free, especially if you do already have a dog and a cat. You’re going to need to purchase a terrarium but how big or small? How much light or shade should your pet have? While it’s not the stuff of rocket science, you do need to put some thought and care into your pet’s home.  Here are some quick points to consider when getting purchasing a home of your new reptile. Remember if you have any questions, Ashbridges Bay Animal Hospital specializes in exotic pet care so feel free to call us.


Depending on what your reptile likes to do, sitting high on branches or basking low to the ground, you’ll need to get the appropriate shape. Ask your vet what is preferred for the species you have and then buy accordingly; a tall, narrow shaped terrarium for those that like to sit high and low, wide one for those that like to dwell.


Woodland vs. Desert

Woodland terrariums are best for snakes, frogs and salamanders. You can outfit them gravel, bark, branches, and a water area. Desert terrariums should include basics like bark and sand are best for lizards and geckos. Don’t forget to have a heat source as well if you are caring for a desert reptile.


The vets at Ashbridge’s Bay Animal Hospital are always here to help if you need it, feel free to call us. (416) 915-7387




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