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    Puppy and Kitten Veterinarian Care in Toronto ON

    With spring comes growth and new beginnings, and not a spring goes by that we don’t see a rise in the number of new puppies and kittens coming into the clinic. They often come in for an initial ‘get to know you visit‘ which can include first, second and third sets of immunizations as well as parasite testing and an overall health check. All of these are equally important and beneficial, not only to the health of your pet but their relationship with other animals that they may encounter.

    Often times, we will receive phone calls from proud new owners inquiring about the importance of these visits. Are vaccines necessary? Should I test my pet for parasites/worms?Should I be feeding my puppy/kitten a veterinary recommended diet?

    Our answer to these questions are always a resounding ‘YES’.

    We welcome any and all questions that clients have when adopting a new furry member to their family, because it starts a conversation that is very important to the health and development of their pet. A strong veterinarian/owner bond is crucial in building trust and faith, a bond that we at the Pet Wellness Network do not take lightly.

    Toronto Pug Veterinarians and babies

    One of the most frequently asked questions are whether vaccines are necessary. Yes, they are for kittens/puppies as well as adult cats and dogs. Updated rabies vaccines are required by law, while the other vaccines are recommended to maintain the health and prevention of diseases. Kittens and puppies generally are given a booster at 8, 12 and 16 weeks of age to build up their immune system. At these ‘booster’ appointments, in addition to the immunizations that are given, the veterinarian will also do a complete head to toe health check as well as deworming. Often times, kittens and puppies have intestinal parasites passed down from their mothers while nursing or while in the womb.

    Veterinary diets are also recommended by your veterinary health care team to ensure the best nutritional care for your kitten and/or puppy. Our diets have been formulated and tested by a team of Veterinarians with the sole directive of providing a complete and balanced diet for any and all therapeutic conditions or life stages. They also come with the guarantee that if the diet is not working for your pet, it is not the proper diet s/he should be on or just simply will not eat it, it can be returned to our clinic for a full refund and we can do our best to find a diet that will work best for your pet. Starting them from their earliest stages on a proper dietary plan will give them the nutrition and strength they need to become healthy adult cats and dogs.

    Pet insurance is one other important topic that our Veterinarians will discuss with new pet owners during their initial visits. There are many opinions on the issues of pet insurance, yet it is something that the health care team at the Downtown Animal Hospital strives to educate clients on. As there are a number of companies that provide insurance for pets, having a strong understanding on the benefits both to owners as well as their pets helps to make an informed decision on whether it is best for you. Investing in pet insurance is most beneficial when your kitten or puppy are still young and have a total and clear bill of health. As most insurance companies do not cover pre-existing conditions, insuring them before anything happens is ideal. As there are a number of companies to choose from, there are also a number of plans within those companies, and not all are best for every situation. We are focused on complete Customer Service and Care, which is why education and information is our top priority. We do not want to make the decision for clients, but help in any ways that we can to make the decision easier for you to make.

    Puppy and Kitten Veterinary Care in Toronto

    These initial Veterinary visits are also beneficial for owners to be able to ask any questions that they may have regarding their new pet. Whether it be how to integrate them into a household where pets already reside, or how to kitten/puppy proof their home because they’ve never had one before. Becoming involved in your kitten/puppy’s health care routine through education and cooperation of your veterinary team will help ensure longevity of your new family member.


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