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A veterinary clinic offers free pet insurance as an employee benefit and many staff pets are alive because of it.

Toronto ON – In the last year veterinarian bills for our dog and cat have cost thousands of dollars, so the last time I was at the vet with our cat Simba, I asked the receptionist for some pamphlets about Toronto pet insurance.

That’s when I learned that along with the usual employee benefits, the Willowdale Animal Hospital in North Toronto covers top of the line pet care insurance for all 34 employees. And longer tenure employees get free coverage for more than one four-footed friend.

Toronto Veterinarian Jonathan Bloom is one of the owners of the Willowdale Toronto Animal Hospital facility which offers both preventative and emergency care 24/7. He started offering Toronto pet insurance as a staff perk over five years ago. On average, it costs him $1,000 per employee each year.

Toronto Animal Clinic receptionist Claudia Hernandez didn’t think free pet insurance was that big a deal until her Himalayan cat Cookie fell off the seventh floor balcony of her apartment building fracturing her front paws, her jaw and her palate. The Toronto pet insurance company reimbursed her over $15,000 – 80 per cent of the cost of a two month hospital stay plus related services and follow up.

Hernandez says that if she hadn’t had pet insurance she would have found a way to have her cat cared for and pay the bill off over time. However, she has seen many clients of the clinic who could not afford the necessary care in similar circumstances and therefore could not save their pets.

A veterinary clinic offers free pet insurance as an employee benefit and many staff pets are alive because of it.

Bloom is passionate about the value that pet insurance delivers to his team. . He says, “Injured animals often require expensive specialty services like MRIs and CT scans that are available only at a couple of facilities in Ontario”

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He also speaks from personal experience. His pug Ripley had respiratory problems and over several years required three surgeries by a veterinary specialist, including a tracheostomy (temporary hole in his throat) so he could breathe.

The pet insurance company reimbursed him for $32,000 of the medical bills he racked up for the dog’s care.

Few Canadian companies offer pet insurance as an employee benefit, and when they do, it is usually a voluntary, employee-paid benefit much like group home or auto insurance. A notable exception is Ceridian Canada Ltd. which subsidizes pet plan insurance for employees that covers up to 80 per cent of veterinary costs.

We probably won’t get pet insurance for Simba and Rudy because their age and pre-existing conditions mean we can’t get full coverage at a reasonable price. However, if we adopt other pets in the next several years we will seriously consider insuring their health because hefty vet bills will be much harder to manage once my husband and I are retired and on a fixed income.

Three of the many companies that offer pet insurance in Canada are PetCareTrupanion  and Petsecure. You can obtain quotes from them by following instructions on their websites.

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