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Why purchase pet food from your veterinarian?


Toronto Pet owners turn to their pet veterinary teams for advice on virtually every aspect of their pet’s health and well-being.

Pet Nutrition from the experts at Toronto Pet Wellness Network serving the GTA

Why wouldn’t pet veterinary teams be the best source of information for your pet’s nutritional needs?

The Pet Wellness Network of Toronto veterinary teams not only know dogs and cats -but more importantly they know YOUR dog or cat.

Knowledge of breed, gender, life style and age as well the medical history of your pet allows the veterinary professional to prescribe the diet best suited to your dog or cat’s individual needs.

When you purchase pet food commercially you may see offerings based on breed, size, age, weight and life stage. These options are formulated to meet the general requirements of the dog pictured on the bag. Your dog`s requirements may well be very different.

The Pet Wellness Network veterinary team has an understanding of the fundamentals of nutrition from their training. They keep current with conferences, journals and scientific publications.

They attend symposia on nutrition sponsored by industry and by veterinary professional organizations. They have access to specialists in the field of nutrition who can offer recommendations based on the total picture of the health status of your pet.

Veterinary exclusive diets are designed to nourish dogs so that they may achieve optimal health.

The science of veterinary nutrition is advancing like every other discipline of medicine and veterinary diets have evolved to incorporate the latest that the world of science has to offer.

The diets are built from the nutrient level up and each nutrient is provided for specific purposes ensuring the health of your dog or cat. Why wouldn’t you look to your veterinary team for dietary recommendations that will optimize the health and well-being of your beloved pet?

For information on veterinarian diets, contact one of our Toronto Veterinarians at Bloor Animal Hospital, Beaches Animal Hospital, Downtown Animal Hospital, Ashbridges Bay Animal Hospital or Willowdale 24-Hour Emergency Animal Hospital.


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