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Now, if you’re like me you are thinking ‘wow, what self indulgent cat decided that there needed to be an official National Day to celebrate them?’

Like every day isn’t National Cat Day, I know in my house it is. Every morning I am allowed to pay homage to my three cats by having the honour of not only providing them with food, fresh water and clean litter to do their business in, but expected to give each the required amount of love and affection before I am allowed to continue on with my day.

Celebrate National Cat Day, Veterinarians, Toronto, ON

Celebrate National Cat Day, Veterinarians, Toronto, ON (photo credit: glorgirlydesign

We won’t even get into the ceremony that is to take place every night when I get home from work. If any step is done out of order or not to their liking, I am encouraged … nay expected to start again. And why do I do this? Because my cats have me wrapped around their minxy little paws. They have these cute little noses, distinguished whiskers and a purr that can melt even the hardest of hearts.

Celebrate National Cat Day, Veterinarians, Toronto, ON (Photo Credit:

Cats have started a movement, a Cattitude movement if you will. We all post pictures on Caturday and tell me who doesn’t remain in an uncomfortable position when lounging on the couch when you need to go to the washroom because your cat is sleeping comfortably beside (or on you) and you don’t want to disturb them? We go above and beyond to take care of these precious souls because we know they would do …. often do, the same for us. Canadians currently own an approximate number of 4.5 million cats.

About half of all households have at least one pet and the number of cats are slowly outnumbering dogs. But most importantly we wanted to give you the reflection of National Cat Day’s history and humble beginnings. It was established in 2005 by an animal welfare advocate Colleen Paige. It was created to celebrate cats and the unconditional love and companionship they give to their owners. It is said that a great way to give back to the ‘cat community’ and all they provide their humans with is to volunteer with cat organizations.

Cat rescues (and dog rescues if we want to include the feline counterparts with the love) are often in need of volunteers for various roles, whether it be feeding or socializing at The Humane Society or fostering them until they find their forever homes. Once we are finished celebrating all that is “Cattitude”, Halloween is a mere two days later and often provides us with fun, excitement, spooky times and candy. Oooooh the candy.

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