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At Bloor Animal Hospital we’re all about giving back to our community! That’s why we love it when local schools drop by the clinic for a visit. It gives us the opportunity to teach our local little ones about caring for animals, the veterinary profession and most importantly, about compassion for all living beings.

This time it was Ms. McAdam’s grade 1 class from the Swansea Public School that came by for a tour on May 30th. While, Miss B’s grade 1 class paid us a visit on June 6th.  Both classes toured the clinic, learned about what it takes to run a veterinary hospital and visited all the pets staying with us.

Our very own Dr. Suzy Lyons, talked to the classes about being part of the veterinary team.  Then the students all preformed Teddy Bear Surgery and safely removed treats consumed by these rascally stuffed toys. 

All the students had a wonderful time learning about what it’s like to work in an animal hospital and the importance of being a part of a community – Like the one here, in Bloor West Village / High Park.

So flip through the photos and see if you can spot yourself or someone you know and then feel free to visit our Facebook page where you can check out even more photos and tag yourself and your friends! That way we can all share the memories of these special visits!

Miss B’s Grade 1 Class:





















































Ms. McAdam’s Grade 1 Class:























































For inquires about school tours please contact Bloor Animal Hospital and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

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